My decision for this theme was inspired by several factors: location, the popularity of old west nostalgia, and simply the fun of creating Southwest cuisine. The lounge is a popular place for locals to gather on the weekends or the never ending celebrated events. The lounge also features a full curved bar and a drive thru package liquor window which makes a great last minute stop before heading up to the mountains or home after work!

The front of the house consists of two sections,
the lounge and dining room which are separated
by a double-sided fireplace located in the center of a stucco wall. At one end of the wall is an arched opening featuring a tiled stage and piano. Mexican tile skirts both sides in a patio style. Both the dinning room and lounge sides have been repainted and redecorated just this spring.

Lisa’s is flanked by two motels. We are the first
establishment to greet tourists as they descend
from the Big Horn Mountains.
As they say - Location - Location - Location


- Dining room side seats approx. fifty guests

- Owners Brad and Lisa Dalin
and their sons

Lounge side seats approx. fifty guests -